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Bercodehealth is a fully-featured all in one Hospital Management System with 65+ modules to manage hospital’s day to day operations digitally and easily. It has different administration accounts like super administrator, doctors, patients, pharmacy, etc. This system have Mobile apps for android and Iphone too. (Make your inquiry below on the green WhatsApp button)


This web application allows business owners and entrepreneurs to build their website by themselves without the help of a designer or programmer. It is a perfect tool for static websites where the information will always be constant offering services. You can use your own domain (Make your inquiry below on the green WhatsApp button)

Bercodeleads is a platform to get telephone numbers in a safety way, create a database and then carry out marketing campaigns using SMS, Text Messages and emails. (Make your inquiry below on the green WhatsApp button)


Bercoderest is a system made in laravel 9 that allows any restaurant to have a web application with the most advanced functionalities of an ecommerce, a content editor, a user manager, reservation system, banners included, content marketing system with a modern blog, internal messaging system, registration system, subscribers system, online purchase, responsive and others. (GET your DEMO-Make your inquiry below on the green WhatsApp button)


This web application only allows you to sell products online. Especially for small businesses that want to start having a presence on the internet and increase their sales investing less money. (Make your inquiry below on the green WhatsApp button)


 It is an online educational platform that connects teachers, students, educational institutions with technology. Homedutech promises to be a helpful tool when it comes to improving the teaching and learning process from home.

However it is also the perfect tool to complement home learning after a school day in the morning by having activities inside for the students. In the case of schools, parents also have their own access. 

This platform is perfect for schools, colleges, academies, driving schools, Coach. Our platform is time-scalable as we are constantly adding new features. (Make your inquiry below on the green WhatsApp button)


Rebeats is an online platform especially for restaurants that want to increase their sales. This platform has many functions that improve the productivity of any restaurant.


Get everything you need to manage and grow your Brand, Restaurant, Salon, Business, Franchise, Shop, Gym, Law Firm. All Business Tools that you need in a singular Platform


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